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Lawrence: (785) 841-3055

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Sod Installation and Seeding

Sod and Seeding Services

A lawn is one of the most important features of a residential or commercial property. When grass is damaged or when constructing a new lawn, it’s important to construct a lawn with fresh, green grass. Our sod installation and seeding services are the best way to incorporate new grass on your lawn. The GreenTouch installation team will install sod and seed your lawn to help it take root and last for years.

Lawn Restoration

Our lawn restoration service breathes new life into your outdoor space. We use a holistic approach, combining expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly practices to ensure a sustainable, vibrant lawn. When your lawn starts to exhibit problems with browning, pests, or disease, replacing your grass with sod or reseeding may be more cost-effective. GreenTouch will restore your lawn through our installation services.

Sod Installation

The sod that we install onto lots is a high-quality that will quickly facilitate growth and blend into the lawn and lot. Whether as an extension or a brand new landscape, our team is experiences with laying down and anchoring sod to help it quickly take root and thrive. With our sod installation services, you’ll be able to form a new lawn that quickly takes root and thrives.

Lawn Seeding Services

For both thickening grass lawns and planting new grass, our seeding services form a lawn of vibrant green grass that’s perfect for your landscape. We’re passionate about cultivating green spaces from the ground up and will check on soil quality before seeding to make sure that your new grass will grow quickly and get the nutrients it needs.

Lawn Renovation and Installation

Anyone with a lawn knows that it isn’t able to maintain itself on its own. Having a healthy, thriving lawn that matches your vision of your property requires maintenance, treatment, and review to keep it thriving. When you need to install or expand on your lawn to make full use of your property, it’s important that your new grass integrates seamlessly with you old grass. Our sod and seeding services in combination will immediately start to grow and make a positive difference for your property.


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