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Sprinkler Systems

GreenTouch sprinkler service technicians are the best around. We offer custom lawn sprinkler installation and service to fit your lawn and budget. We offer 48 hour response time including sprinkler system repair for any brand, type, or size of system.


GreenTouch Lawn & Tree is your local leader in lawn sprinkler system maintenance in Lawrence and Topeka.

2 Year Warranty and Guarantee on All Installations

If your sprinkler system is damaged by you, your mower, or other circumstances, we will repair it at no cost. Just call or email us and it’s taken care of! A well-designed, properly installed and maintained sprinkler system is the most efficient way to keep your lawn, shrubs, and gardens healthy. Our system saves time each summer. It will also:

If you want to improve the landscape of your commercial property or need regular commercial lawn care services to keep your landscape looking great, we offer professional services that are tailored to unique requirements.


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