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Call or Text:

Lawrence: (785) 841-3055

Topeka: (785) 232-9800


Landscape Design & Lawn Renovation Experience

No two lawns are the same. Soil composition, drainage, and access to light can all impact the plants and materials that will perform best for your yard. The GreenTouch Lawn & Tree landscaping service team has years of experience studying plants, growth rates, seasonal changes, and other factors that will affect your landscape. Our team of experts will help you design a lawn that works for your environment and looks beautiful.

We can also assist you with lawn care and maintenance to ensure its beauty and longevity. When you work with us and rely on our years of landscape design/build experience, you are placing yourself in good hands. We guarantee all of our landscape design/build work and your satisfaction.

Start planning your landscape design and lawn renovation! Let us help you transform your property into a dream come true with our landscape design and lawn renovation services. Put your big ideas in the hands of our capable landscapers.

The Holidays Come With Enough Stress

Let us take one more thing off your list. GreenTouch offers custom holiday lighting design, lighting installation, and removal services for residential and commercial clients. We will design your display, install it, then remove and store your décor for you, including lights and wreaths.  There are many options available with holiday lighting services for your house fascia, gables, roofing, windows, and doors, as well as lighting for walkways, trees, shrubs, and landscapes with energy efficient LED lights. We can also provide garland, wreaths, and daytime holiday decorations.

Durable Retaining Walls that Last

Each retaining wall is expertly crafted and guaranteed to keep your landscape looking beautiful and well-preserved, year after year.

When you need a high-quality retaining wall from compassionate professionals with years of experience, look no further than our trusted establishment. We have the skill and hands-on experience needed to create a one-of-a-kind retaining wall that caters to your specific needs. In no time, your dreams will become a reality.

The perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, a retaining wall can be purely functional, solely decorative, or a lovely combination of both. Fundamentally, retaining walls in your landscaping prevent two or more structures or materials from coming into contact with one another. Most often, a retaining wall is used to prevent soil or gravel from spilling over into protected areas such as driveways and patios, but they are beneficial in many other respects as well. A well-placed vertical retaining wall can help divide a yard into levels, adding depth and creating the appearance of a larger yard.


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