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Vegetation Management

GreenTouch Lawn & Tree offers vegetation management solutions for all industries. Our staff will work with you to design a cost-effective maintenance program that will enable you to keep control of your invasive and noxious weeds to industry standards. With state-of-the-art equipment and professionally-licensed applicators, we are able to accomplish the most efficient and economical application methods for all types of areas. GreenTouch is a licensed Commercial Pesticide application business. Our applicators are licensed or certified in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and Montana.

Brush Hogging

Whether you have a large field overrun with tall grass, thickets, or invasive vegetation, or simply need to maintain a neat and tidy appearance for your property, our brush hogging services are the solution. We prioritize safety, precision, and environmental consciousness in all our operations, ensuring that your land not only looks its best but also thrives in the long run.

Land Clearing

Industrial areas are important to keep clear but often aren’t visited enough to be kept free of weeds. Our team can safely remove overgrown branches and weeds from around pipes, powerlines, and other clearings around industrial areas without damaging property or the surrounding environment. We’ll clear a way in commercial spaces to not impact business and apply solutions that will halt the spread of overgrowth in the future.

Where We Perform Vegetation Management

At GreenTouch, we provide our services to industrial sites, municipalities, and power and utility companies for vegetation management. Vegetation can crop up in a variety of places on commercial properties, so we make sure to take measures to not just clear the area but slow the growth of more vegetations. Power lines, parking lots, storage facilities — wherever clearing work is necessary, our team will clear out overgrowth and help manage the properties as they need.


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